Dragonflies - Monoprint
     Collagraph, acrylic, pencil & ink

I am Chelle Ellis, a printmaker, painter, clay & metal sculptor and art instructor working in North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee.

With Danielle Sumler and my husband, Kenny Ellis, I curated the 2017 & 2018 Nasty Women Memphis Exhibits, the Memphis affiliate of NYC's Nasty Women Exhibition.

With Danielle, I also co-curated the Vital Ingredients Art Exhibit benefitting Dorothy Day House, from July 14-18, 2017.

I create monoprints and mixed media pieces, with found objects, paper, clay or metal sculptures added into the work. I paint primarily in acrylic on handmade paper, canvas and board.

If you would like to commission a piece, please email me with those details.

     Trust & Betrayal: Innocence Lost
     (Cone we talk about this?!)
     Monoprint, Chine Colle'
Trust & Betrayal:  Innocence Lost (Cone we talk about this?

Photos and inventory of my pieces are added sparodically to my website, as I have time to update it.

Outside of commissioned and juried exhibit pieces, I am taking a sabbatical from art at this time as we recently bought a Colonial Revival house, that dates earlier than 1883. Such an endeavor requires most of my time to restore, update and decorate. I had a blog of that process, and it took a looooong time to build. But after a year I transferred it to new space, and it imploded into 1s and 0s into the great dark nothing of OMG! and OOPS!, defying backups and WYSIWYG button assurances. I highly recommend NOT getting the managed WordPress package with GoDaddy, as the backups I made are nowhere to be found, and nothing of the blog is anywhere in existance, not even on the wayback machine. And they say the Internet is forever...

Someday, when I have less to do, I'll try to put some progress photos up somewhere in dHTML where I can save them, locally, absolutely, into perpetuity on several harddrives.

  Moosh, Again & Again

You may notice quite a few pieces with a little black and white dog or ginkgo leaves. That's because my Pekingese, Moosh, has been my muse since I got her in 2011.. and she has a ginkgo leaf shape on her head.

     Moosh, Again & Again
     Monoprint & Linocut - Right

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